Maya Lighting Technology 


   2010.1 through IS09000 quality management system certification
   2010.6 undertake national innovation fund projects
   2010.6 construction has urban and road lighting engineering contractor Sanji
   2010.7 won the high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou
   2010.8 LED lights straight awarded for utility model patents
   2010.8 LED fluorescent tube awarded for utility model patents
   LED bulbs for indoor lighting 2010.11 awarded for utility model patents
   2010.11 utility model patents can be awarded based on the use of premises random combinations of seats lights
   2010.11 kind of interior decorative lighting LED Track Light utility model patents awarded
   2010.12 ship lamps appearance patent awarded
   2011.4 marine efficient LED strip lights embedded utility model patents awarded
   2011.4 participate in the Hong Kong Exhibition
   2011.10 participate in Hong Kong Show
   2011.9 The company Hongyan review
   Science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province won 2011.12
   2011.12 product projects certified by SGS
   2012.3 won patents can use the site freely combined seats light
   2012.4 LED medical vision tester of the invention, patent pending
   2012.4 LED medical vision tester utility model patents received in
   2012.4 LED medical vision tester appearance patent accepted in
   2012.4 Frankfurt Show
   2012.6 quantum dot-based LED Plant Grow Light invention patent application
   2012.7 company audit by Kohler
   2012.8 won the national high-tech enterprises
   2012.9 marine efficient LED strip lights embedded awarded patent
   2012.9 panel light by TUV-CE / GS / ROHS certification
   2012.10 panel lights through the CCC
   2012.10 participate in Hong Kong Show
   2012.10 Eagles won the business in Hangzhou
   2012.10 undertake research projects focus on Xiaoshan District
   2012.11 Shanghai to participate in the exhibition
   2012.11 was identified Architectural Society of China Building Electrical Branch of the "2012 China (International) building electrical energy-saving technology forum support unit
   2012 won the China Lighting Association awarded the "Excellent Supplier Award"